Panicked at 'could not retrieve ScriptResult'

I am seeing the error: “panicked at ‘could not retrieve ScriptResult’”. I am running a deployment script on beta-3 testnet, and am seeing this issue with this after successfully deploying the contracts and then trying to initialize them with some params

The same script works well locally, and if I re-run it, it halts with the same issue at different locations

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Would you mind sharing a repo with steps to reproduce this?

Hmm I am under an NDA, and cannot share the repo publicly. Maybe we can work something out, I am with Fluid Protocol.

If you join our discord, I am ‘yairhydro’ and we can exchange contact there.

Would you be able to create a simple reproduction that demonstrates the error instead?

Unfortunately, the error happens in different locations when on testnet (deploying and initializing around 8 contracts), so it would be difficult to reproduce

Updated to the latest everything and still seeing this behavior

Hi @diyahir, thanks for the update! The Rust SDK team is looking into this.

I’m going to discuss this on Github since this appears to be a confirmed bug. We are investigating what’s happening.

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