Regarding the secondary confirmation of Fuel to the main network

I noticed that every time I go from the Fuel network to the Eth main network, a second confirmation is required. If I refuse to confirm, will I proceed with the return operation.

  1. When I use it, I notice that if rejected, the transaction will be suspended. Confirm completion
  2. Can I return to the Fuel network within this time frame if the user does not want to cross link Fuel’s ETH to the main network, by rejecting the operation, and then returning to the Fuel network. Otherwise, the user needs to make an additional operation and pay an additional gas fee.
    As shown in the figure, can rejection be returned to the Fuel network at this step

Thanks @BlackEyesForThree, i will ask the team about the requirements you’ve mentioned and will get back to you soon.

thanks,bro。i want to be your Offcial Fuel Contributor~

Hi @BlackEyesForThree,

once you send the withdrawal transaction on Fuel, there is no coming back. Maybe we could reword the UI, but here “confirmation” does not mean that you can pull back or cancel the withdrawal. When you withdraw two transactions need to happen: one on Fuel (Submit to bridge) and another one on ETH (Confirm transaction).

Let me know if this answers your question :wave:


Thank you very much for your answer! Solved my problem, thank you

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