Any suggestions how to do gasless transactions?

I was trying to implement gasless transactions. Is it possible to achieve it using fuel?

Hey @shivamlync, we have an example for the gasless NFT mint over here, you can have a look at the Gas Predicate Sway Contract that holds gas Eth. The way it works is that predicates have certain predefined conditions, and once these conditions are met (for example: checking if the address is whitelisted), then the predicate will release Eth for the gas for this transaction.

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Fuel doesn’t have good tooling yet for gasless transactions. But Fuel is uniquely capable of delivering a seamless gasless transaction at the native level (b.c. of our multi-input multi-output, multi-party transactional design).

If we want to do them properly, we will want to do them in all predicates the same way at the native level.

This will take a bit of time to map out and standardize. But it’s on the roadmap.