Any way to silence "Storage read after external contract interaction" warnings?

While I understand the benefits of CEI as described in the docs and this forum post, is there any way to silence these warnings on a scope-basis? Maybe a tag like #[allow(storage_write_external_contract)].

Imo, this warning shouldn’t really appear if there is a read-only call to an external contract (should be simple to detect with the storage access tags on the external contract method ABI). That said, is there any way to disable a warning on a method-basis?

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Hi there @theAusicist!

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us.
Currently, there’s no way to silence those warnings, however we are taking this as a feature request.

There’s some discussion around this topic that can be found in sway-rfcs.

Wish you a great day :palm_tree:

super. thanks! enjoy the weekend