Can we deploy predicates on chain?

Can we deploy predicates on-chain or do we need to load each time we run it, like a script with an address and returning boolean?


The following article describes predicates really well: The Power of Predicates: A Purpose-Built Mechanism for Transaction Authorization | by Ryan Sproule | Blockchain Capital Blog | Jan, 2023 | Medium

To quote the article:
“Unlike contract code, predicate code is never “deployed” to the chain. To create a predicate, someone simply writes the code for the predicate and then uses a compiler to generate a code hash, there is no interaction with the chain. Since the hash is both deterministic and collision-resistant, the coins locked in this address can only ever be spent if the predicate conditions are met. To spend a predicate, someone would provide the predicate bytecode (which must match the hash/address that the coins are behind) and a transaction that has the predicate resolve to true.”


thanks for your reply, that is a very good answer.

btw, I agree with your understanding and I personally feel predicate in sway is very similar to bitcoinscript.

However, in sway programming language, there is a paragraph:

A Sway program itself has a type: it is either a contract, a predicate, a script, or a library. The first three of these things are all deployable to the blockchain. A library is simply a project designed for code reuse and is never directly deployed to the chain.

seems on the sway book, it mentions predicate is deployable.

checkout here:

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Oh yes thank you for pointing this out. Indeed, this is a misleading sentence. We should change it, so I opened this issue: Clarify how different program types are used · Issue #3908 · FuelLabs/sway · GitHub

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also checkout here:

i am a bit confused here lol

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Yeah fixing this now, predicates can’t be deployed, only supplied as inputs. PR for correction is open here :slight_smile:


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