Can we have a better Rust SDK documentation link to testing tutorial. How to call methods in Rust SDK test cases

Can we have this testing documentation to be further elaborated including usage and file directory explicit documentation which is used in the next documentation example

This is the Rust Test documentation elaboration :

Can the dev team include how do you call the test functions

Do include this example for calling functions where methods must be used. Was confused why it wasn’t working.

async fn test_harness() {
    // Test code here
    let (instance, _id) = get_contract_instance().await;
    let result = instance.deposit(); // Wrong
    let result = instance.methods().deposit(); // Correct


Error for not including methods

error[E0599]: no method named `deposit` found for struct `MyContract` in the current scope
  --> tests/
3  | abigen!(Contract(name="MyContract", abi="out/debug/test_asset-abi.json"));
   | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- method `deposit` not found for this struct
11 |     let result = instance.deposit().await;
   |                           ^^^^^^^ method not found in `MyContract<WalletUnlocked>`

Do also include in testing page, this further elaborates in one page how contracts are called in the test case using Rust SDK.