Cant create predicate instance following Use type tutorial in ts sdk

Hey devs!
I have tried to create instance of predicate with following code, but it failed, please have a look)

Link to tutorial that used - Using Generated Types | Fuels-ts
Link to my repo with code - GitHub - compolabs/test-predicate-ts

Follow-up PR:

Fixed in fuels@ 0.41.0.

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Works for me with fuels 0.41.0!

If someone else has issues with the command that uses yarn exec .... (following the tutorial), for me it works with npx fuels typegen -i xx/xx-abi.json -o ./src/types.

I do get another issue now; following the code in Generating Types from ABI | Fuels-ts doesn’t seem to work.

For example setData and getBalance are no existing methods on predicate.

Is there a tutorial that can be followed?

actually, setData and getBalance do exist, the correct generation needed a --predicate at the end which I didn’t do:
npx fuels typegen -i xx/xx-abi.json -o ./src/types --predicate

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