Deploy Smart Contract

Can I deploy a smart contract or it`s not actual already?
Because when I am trying to deploy all the time I see next " Error: InvalidSignature"

forc deploy --url --gas-price 1

Contract id: 0x3edb96c23766b8504caaff042994efa18460e7ba27f60191394a6bcf5be8d7d8

Please provide the address of the wallet you are going to sign this transaction with:fuel13tlpu9sxnpve56hlrhumqwjv30cesuuljtrngcmpkvc9d9k3a2sqkhw6uv

Transaction id to sign: 6c9b5b6a5dec1574a110974e0c85a1faddcf04d6181249e5c0bc2198fa519d15
Please provide the signature: forc-wallet sign --id 6c9b5b6a5dec1574a110974e0c85a1faddcf04d6181249e5c0bc2198fa519d15 --account-index 0

Error: InvalidSignature

Who know how to fix it? Thank you


Hi! The issue here is that you’re entering the for-wallet sign command as a response to the signature prompt. Instead, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open a separate terminal on the side and run the forc-wallet sign --id 6c9b5b6a5dec1574a110974e0c85a1faddcf04d6181249e5c0bc2198fa519d15 --account-index 0 command
  2. You will be asked to enter your wallet password. Upon entering your password, the CLI will return a signature key. Copy that.
  3. Go back to your previous terminal and paste this signature there.

Hope this helps!

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