Deploying large-ish contracts on testnet

This is a follow-up to @nedsalk’s reply here:

[…] Later we will charge the user for storage in a separate way and it will be not mixed with the gas so you won’t be having these issues. Plus, we won’t be allowing 17MB contracts later on, it is too much.

i have a contract that is ~0.5mb in size, and just about crosses the block gas limit (this contract with bytecode size 506884 bytes (~0.5mb) requires 32845844 gas (vs the block gas limit of 30000000).

Imo there should be a line in the documentation saying "while max contract size is 17Mb, the actual max size for a deployable contract is ~0.5mb.

That said, how do you suggest I deploy such a large(-ish) contract on testnet? I’m able to get around the gas limit restrictions locally on my local node, but can’t modify the gas limit (obv) on testnet.


Hey @theAusicist, this is a very good question! Let me check in with our client team and get back to you ASAP :slight_smile:

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HI there @theAusicist
It is not possible to deploy contracts beyond gas limit.

Please be aware that during our testnet, the limit will be 100kb as seen here.