Error while I run: forc build

hello, I’ve been following the developer quickstart guide to build the counter contract.
forc build command gives me this error:

Error: failed to fetch ``. Check your connection or run in `--offline` mode

Caused by:
    authentication required but no callback set; class=Ssh (23); code=Auth (-16)

Following the error message, I tried this: forc build --offline and got this error:

Error: Unable to fetch pkg "std" from Url { scheme: "https", cannot_be_a_base: false, username: "", password: None, host: Some(Domain("")), port: None, path: "/fuellabs/sway", query: None, fragment: None } in offline mode


Are you trying to compile without internet connection?

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The Internet connection is fine. Looks like the issue happens due to git authentication issue mentioned here
Editing global github config worked for me.


did you find solutuion?

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See the temporary workaround mentioned in this issue comment:

The full solution is for us to handle git authentication properly in forc, which is one of our priorities before the next beta!


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