FuelError: The transaction reverted with an unknown reason: 123

Running into this error when trying to query a read-only function from a contract deployed on Testnet. It works absolutely fine on a local node on the same version as the testnet (v0.28.0) but fails in the wild. The error message is also nonconclusive.

The call is essentially a getter from storage, and I can GUARANTEE there are no reverts in the getter function. It’s a simple storage read with graceful handles for the unwrap() case.

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Hi @theAusicist, sorry you’ve been having issues. Could you share the contract that you are having a problem with? So this is thrown by sway due to a mismatched selector, so I’d expect a version mismatch with an inter contract call? But again if you share the contract I can take a look.

@danielbate you are correct that this is due to a mismatched selector. I had used an incorrect contract id for the contract call which is why I had this error. Thanks!

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