⛽️ Gassed: Fuel Application Starter Kit

Started diving into the Fuel development flow this week, but my go-to stack for application development is the latest Next.JS and a TailwindCSS design system, so I started building out Gassed a Fuel Application Starter Kit that uses Turborepo.

I got the basics in place: connect wallet, basic faucet and integrated the Counter contracts provided in the examples.

I noticed a lot of the example sway-applications don’t include a UI, so I wanted to ask if there is any priorities for which demo contracts should have components built out for them?

Will probably start working on integrating the native-asset contracts next so I can get a full sense of managing assets on Fuel, but after that would be happy to implement other features.

p.s. I did something similar for developing on Ethereum with TurboETH.

p.s.s. I don’t have demo URL yet, because I get errors for the build related to storage which likely has something to do with React Server components that I haven’t had a chance to debug yet.


Hey @metasudo, wonderful to have you in the Fuel community and terrific work! It’s funny that you noticed sway applications don’t have UIs. We’ve received a lot of feedback about this topic, and our engineers are actively working on expanding and improving this area. You’re going to see a lot more frontends in the coming weeks! :eyes:

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That’s great to hear @calldelegation - from previous experience having a complete end-to-end applications definitely helps onboard new developers a lot quicker.

Any details that can be shared?

Would love to contribute to that instead of duplicating work, even though I’m enjoying learning about Fuel in my own little sandbox.

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1000000% agreed and we would love to collaborate on that. Please check your DM or reach me @calldelegation on telegram


Excellent work @metasudo !

Have you checked out the npx create fuels toolchain offered by the Typescript SDK at all? Not sure if that has any cross overs to this particular kit.

Yes, I used that to setup the basic demo application, which I then based the starter kit from - pulling in the faucet logic and a few other things.

My default for a project is generally a monorepo, which is why I went this approach.

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Do you mind hosting this somewhere like Vercel @metasudo and attaching the link in the Github repo.

Ideally if this repo had some more docs in the readme that would be great.

Yes, will probably continue working on the repo this weekend.

Have to fix a few build errors regarding storage not being able available in RSC components before I can setup a live URL. It looks like it was originating from one of the fuels packages, but not entirely sure - might have to make a PR to one of the core libraries.

I know WAGMI recently pushed a fix for something similar so will take a look at their code.

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