Had some queries regarding contract

had some queries regarding contract. Like setting custom name, symbol and other configurable using a dapp where metadata can be added , nft image etc can be added directly from the dapp. can you suggest a way in which I can make changes into the existing contract directly.

Also any docs or a link where I can find all the sway related keywords as the Forc.toml file sends an error.

okay, here is the way you can do it

const deployedContract = await factory.deployContract({
  configurableContants: {
    metadata: your_metadata,
    nft_uri: your_uri

you can do the same for name and symbol or use the SetAssetAttributes abi from sway libs. You can get this info dynamically from a frontend from input like a form. One thing to note is you will need to upload the image to ipfs or your storage solution before you deploy the contract.

also you will need to generate the bytecode and abi such that you can access it in your frontend. Similar to how we do it in the connector repo.

@nick @Nazeeh21
Actually I was asking how can I make the contract know about the configurables that I want to use in the dapp. right now I have

configurable {
    /// The maximum number of NFTs that may be minted.
    MAX_SUPPLY: u64 = 3,
    /// The total supply of coins for the asset minted by this contract.
    TOTAL_SUPPLY: u64 = 100_000_000,
    /// The decimals of the asset minted by this contract.
    DECIMALS: u8 = 9u8,
    /// The name of the asset minted by this contract.
    NAME: str[7] = __to_str_array("MyAsset"),
    /// The symbol of the asset minted by this contract.
    SYMBOL: str[5] = __to_str_array("MYTKN")

these and out of these only MAX_SUPPLY is showing in the frontend.
How can make use of all the above and update the contract’s values. Also need to verify if the values of the deployed contract have changed based on the provided values