Help command from "fuel-indexer" don't give enough information (DEPRECATED)

Hi there, I faced into the command fuel-indexer --help gives the output:

>>> fuel-indexer --help                                                 
fuel-indexer 0.15.0
Fuel Indexer service

    fuel-indexer <SUBCOMMAND>

    -h, --help       Print help information
    -V, --version    Print version information

    help    Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    run     Standalone binary for the fuel indexer service.

But in the docs, we have more extended answer :thinking:

Standalone binary for the fuel indexer service.

    fuel-indexer run [OPTIONS]

            Require users to authenticate for some operations.

        --auth-strategy <AUTH_STRATEGY>
            Authentication scheme used.

    -c, --config <FILE>
            Indexer service config file.

        --database <DATABASE>
            Database type. [default: postgres] [possible values: postgres]

            Automatically create and start database using provided options or defaults.

        --fuel-node-host <FUEL_NODE_HOST>
            Host of the running Fuel node. [default: localhost]

        --fuel-node-port <FUEL_NODE_PORT>
            Listening port of the running Fuel node. [default: 4000]

        --graphql-api-host <GRAPHQL_API_HOST>
            GraphQL API host. [default: localhost]

        --graphql-api-port <GRAPHQL_API_PORT>
            GraphQL API port. [default: 29987]

    -h, --help
            Print help information

        --indexer-handler-timeout <INDEXER_HANDLER_TIMEOUT>
            Maximum length of time (in seconds) that an indexer's event handler can run before timing out. [default: 2]

            Allow network configuration via indexer manifests.

        --jwt-expiry <JWT_EXPIRY>
            Amount of time (seconds) before expiring token (if JWT scheme is specified).

        --jwt-issuer <JWT_ISSUER>
            Issuer of JWT claims (if JWT scheme is specified).

        --jwt-secret <JWT_SECRET>
            Secret used for JWT scheme (if JWT scheme is specified).

            Start a local Fuel node.

        --log-level <LOG_LEVEL>
            Log level passed to the Fuel Indexer service. [default: info] [possible values: info,
            debug, error, warn]

    -m, --manifest <FILE>
            Indexer config file.

        --max-body-size <MAX_BODY_SIZE>
            Max body size for GraphQL API requests. [default: 5242880]

            Use Prometheus metrics reporting.

        --postgres-database <POSTGRES_DATABASE>
            Postgres database.

        --postgres-host <POSTGRES_HOST>
            Postgres host.

        --postgres-password <POSTGRES_PASSWORD>
            Postgres password.

        --postgres-port <POSTGRES_PORT>
            Postgres port.

        --postgres-user <POSTGRES_USER>
            Postgres username.

            Enable rate limiting.

        --rate-limit-rps <RATE_LIMIT_RPS>
            Maximum number of requests to allow over --rate-limit-window.

        --rate-limit-window <RATE_LIMIT_WINDOW_SIZE>
            Number of seconds over which to allow --rate-limit-rps.

            Run database migrations before starting service.

            Prevent indexers from running without handling any blocks.

    -v, --verbose
            Enable verbose logging.

    -V, --version
            Print version information

You should to run fuel-indexer run --help to have this info, ser