How can I get the transaction ID from a contract call using rust sdk?

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Few times ago I answered on this question but it looks like not true because TxId cannot me like zero address

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There is currently an open issue to add the tx ID to FuelCallReponse: feat(contracts): add tx_id to FuelCallResponse by Br1ght0ne · Pull Request #734 · FuelLabs/fuels-rs · GitHub

Meanwhile, a possible workaround is to get the transaction that would be executed by the contract call, read it’s id, and execute the call via the provider:

// build the tx
let tx = contract_instance
    .methods() .some_contract_method().build_tx().await.unwrap(); 

// get the tx_id
let id =;

// send the tx

You can see another example below:

let call_handler = contract_instance_launched.methods().some_contract_method();
let tx = call_handler.build_tx().await.unwrap();


let receipts = provider.send_transaction(&tx).await.unwrap();
let response = call_handler.get_response(receipts).unwrap();

Thank you a lot!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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