How to interact with the contract?

For a contract, how can I interact with it using the explorer.

Hey @shivamlync I’m assuming you are referring to a feature akin to Etherscan’s “contract” tab i.e. $2,997.91 | Wrapped Ether (WETH) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Unfortunately there is no feature like that on the Fuel block explorer right now. You will need to leverage the the said contract ABI, contract address and either the typescript SDK or rust SDK to interact with it.

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Hi @shivamlync , If I want to try out some code samples I sometimes deploy on and use the contract interface section to interact with my contract.


Yes how could I forget such a great tool! :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s true, but what If I deploy it using cli, and then I want to interact with the contract.

Unfortunately there isn’t a feature like that currently with Sway playground. You will need to fallback on using the SDKs like I mentioned earlier. However I think this is a very important feature to have as well. I have opened an issue in the Sway playground repository for our engineers to look at!
Using a custom deployed address to interact with written contract · Issue #79 · FuelLabs/sway-playground · GitHub :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your feedback in the Fuel community @shivamlync