How to use string for variables in Sway contract?

Hi! I’m trying to implement the token standard and use strings from sway-libs in it, but I ran into a problem I don’t understand how to pass the string from rust-sdk side.

I have found this code on your github, can you please tell me if you have code example that calls this function from rust-sdk?

I want to initial string values as variable

Also I tried to do it with a byte array, but I get this error:

thread ‘main_test’ panicked at ‘called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: InvalidData(“Type Struct { fields: [Bytes], generics: } contains nested heap types (Vec or Bytes), this is not supported.”)’, tests/

Hey ,
I don’t think we currently support those String types in the Rust SDK. I opened an issue to track this feature, and closing this discussion in favor of the issue.