I cant use Sway Farm

I tried to connect using my fuel wallet and after i approved it just went into this infinite loading screen and after clearing cache it still goes straight to the the page loading it doesnt let me connect my wallet again. its also worth mentioning i have this issue on both brave and chrome and also have deactivated the brave shield

This is what appears in the browser console

Hi @Radu779 ,

Can you please include the wallet and browser version(s) you have installed.

I’ll send this over to the team to take a look. I was able to connect to and get SwayFarm working with my Fuel Wallet.

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Hey @Radu779, welcome to the community.

can you please update to the latest version and retry? also. if possible can you share the screen recording or something to reproduce it? I tried it out on my machine and I couldn’t reproduce the error

I’m pretty sure this is a Metamask issue and not that of the Fuel Wallet. Trying temporarily disabling Metamask