Installing custom forc toolchains

Currently, the only way to install toolchains is by restricted “keywords”: “latest”, “beta-5”, etc…

how can I custom install a toolchain version (for eg. v0.56.0) directly using fuelup?

Also, potentially a bug here, but even with the newest version of fuelup (v0.23.0), “latest” and “beta-5” still point to v0.49.3

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Can you try following the instructions from the docs here?
I will inform the team about the potential bug you’re referring to, thanks. Lmk if the above solution doesn’t work and you are still facing the issue.


This is not a bug, latest forc version that supports beta-5 is v0.49.3. And latest is pointing to the latest network we have deployed. You can use nightly or custom toolchains for newer versions of forc

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thanks for confirming. Imo, the “latest” tag is a bit misleading because you’d expect it to always point to the “latest” version of the forc compiler.