Is node is running succesfully?

I just want to know that is this image showing my node is syncing with other fuel node ?

then is there some how to checking that node sync is completed ?
some one telling me to using graphql url in fuel wallet to check that node is sync ( if it sync it will shown correct token amount in wallet)
but some how I ran this fuel node with docker desktop
then that mean I need to mapping a container port to host machine port ?
and which protocol TCP or UDP fuel using , I need to know that to allow my firewall to expose the host machine port that to internet to let fuel wallet can connect to fuel node that already run on docker container.

Thank you.

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I just published the guide about fuel-graphql-queries, the default port in linux is 4000 (not sure if it’s the same in docker but you can try it… )

so the url for queries would be


I know there need to using public ip on graphql but that the issue
public ip is a ip of host machine not docker
the node service is running on docker then some how I need to map port 4000 from container to some port on host machine right ? means it’s running on your localhost, so you would just replace with your ip