Is there any article about token in fuel network?

why token for commission called Eth, but at the same time I have found that this token has 9 decimals but original one has 18 and etc.


If you’re asking questions about building tokens on Fuel, there are numerous resources available across the docs to explain this.

If this is a question is about a Fuel token, that will result in a ban. Please read the our community guidelines.


You know, whatever community in the early stages do not want people to talk about the topic of tokens, because it will breed more bot scammers and let increase the number of unknown community members fall for the scam, so everything is subject to the announcement, do not discuss him without the premise of the announcement.

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I meant just an article on the technical description of the network token, its decimals, description, name and etc. I tried to find this information about it, but your documentation did not help me with this.

The question was rather not about “when the token”, but about why in the fuel wallet the decimals of the token are 9, and not 18|

There is nothing about decimals here

We don’t have an official spec on tokens for metadata yet, but you can follow on src we have here: SRC-20: Fungible token standard.

As we don’t have this metadata yet, currently, all tokens are treated on the wallet as having;

  • 9 decimals.
  • Metadata is fetched from the static file.

Tokens on fuel network are Native, and any contract can mint or burn its tokens.

Some examples of how to create contracts to mint and burn tokens;

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Ah, thanks for the clarification around the question, if this question is meant to address the tokens related to or that are in the Fuel wallet, those tokens are testnet Ether tokens, from the Ethereum testnet faucet.

Those tokens are 9 decimals because Fuel’s native asset system works on a 64-bit word size, that word size means you can’t do an 18 decimal token, it has to be about half that for native assets on Fuel.

Also note, that this however does not mean or preclude larger amounts of tokens with different levels of precision, as you can bridge the same asset with different decimal sizes.

Again, to re-iterate, any questions around a “Fuel token” or “network token” that are meant to address a Fuel network token will result in a temporary suspension or bad on public Fuel discussion areas.


Thanks for the detailed answer, I apologize for the ambiguous question

By the way, we are already deployed a few tokens based on swayswap token contract, they have decimals, names, and symbols.

If you want, you can reuse this or write to me, maybe I can help develop the standard

Here you can see deploy script

Here you can see the token contract

In any case, we will be happy to help the development of the ecosystem

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So much love on this… :heart_eyes: