What denomination does ETH have on Testnet Beta 3?

In Ethereum, 1 ETH = 10^18, which can be defined like this in Solidity:

uint256 amount0 = 1 ether;
uint256 amount1 = 1e18;
amount0 == amount1; // true

Does Fuel use the same denomination system, i.e. 18 decimals?

I couldn’t find any information about this in the docs.

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Hey @prberg thanks for the question!

The generally accepted convention is 9 decimals. For comparison, Ethereum typically uses 18 decimals, but there are exceptions like USDC with 6. Even Ethereum’s decimals() function isn’t part of the ERC20 standard. Bridges determine the conversion rate between L1 and L2 tokens, and the same L1 token can have multiple bridge implementations with varying precision.

For a Fuel instance, the base asset is determined by its L1 consensus. Different bridges can set their own conversion rates for this base asset. Our bridge, for instance, uses a 9-decimal precision for the base asset, which you can see here


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