Multisig transaction (not wallet) in fuel

Hi. I have a more conceptual question.

How to create a multisig transaction in fuel?

With one specification: The tx is signed by a contract key and the other a user key, where the user is not the owner of the pool as in a multisig wallet.

So the contract broadcasts the tx and waits for a whitelisted address to sign it. Only then to execute it.

Hey @carlos great question! Take a look at our multisig-contract example’s execute_function here. The signatures can be passed through and checked before executing. However the example of the execution is not available at the moment but will be resolved when beta-4 is released as seen in the issue commented.

We’re also currently working on a multisig-predicate example where the multiple wallets can sign a single transaction targeting a predicate and verify these signatures through the witness data. This is a different paradigm that you would typically see in EVM multisigs.