No method named "pow" found for type "u256"

Trying to do this: new_fee: val.as_u256() * 10.as_u256() ** expo.as_u256() but getting an error: No method named "pow" found for type "u256", is pow not supported for u256? or am I using the wrong syntax?

I’ve also tried variants like:

  • val.as_u256() * 10.as_u256().pow(expo.as_u256())
  • val.as_u256() * u256::from(10).pow(expo.as_u256())
    and they all don’t work

Since u256 is special in the sense that they cannot fit into the primative 64 bit registers they are treated slightly differently.

Read more here:

However using the power function, logarithm, square roots they all depend on the math library inside the standard library like so:

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thanks for the context! managed to get it working by importing
use std::math::*;

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