Passkey Support on Fuel?

Will there be native support for Passkeys on Fuel?

I tried searching in the documentation and the forum, but didn’t finding anything.

In the past I believe I saw it mentioned on the socials that Fuel will have first class support for PassKeys, but maybe I’m just mis-remembering?

Hi @metasudo,

Yes, we do support passkeys and secure enclave natively!

Fuel supports Secp256R1 (P-256) verification natively as a cryptographic operation in the FuelVM, which is the signing curve typically supported as a default option for WebAuthn and Passkeys.

Projects using it right now:
BakoSafe - WebAuthn Passkeys
Fuelet Wallet - Secure Enclave

Out of Date Demos:

Secp256R1 Recovery Function (Standard Library):

Helpful JS Libraries:

Relevant Fuel Specification Links:

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