Rebasing tokens like Aave won't be achievable on Fuel

I’m pretty sure that this is the case, but I just want to double-check my understanding.

Tokens that update their balance in real-time, i.e. return a different value when their balance is queried, are not achievable on Fuel, are they? The UTXO model prohibits this feature.

Aave’s token model is an example of a rebasing token on Ethereum.

It’s correct that Fuel’s native asset’s don’t support custom balance logic, meaning rebase tokens are not possible.

However, you can still achieve the same user experience using an NFT and the vault standard (similar to Ethereum’s ERC-4626).

With this logic, a user can hold an NFT where the “underlying” balance changes over time. And we’re working with infrastructure providers like wallets as well as our block explorer to display this value.

So in practice, you can provide the same user experience as a rebase token, without requiring the complicated logic & broken composability of a rebase token.