Seeking advice on interacting with a contract using a provider instead of user's wallet

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a task where I aim to interact with a contract without using the user’s wallet directly. Instead, I’m attempting to use a provider for this purpose. Here’s the approach I’ve taken:


It looks a little odd to me. The reason behind this is the necessity to have funds in the balance for the simulate() function to work. I’m wondering if there might be a better way to achieve this or if I’m possibly overlooking something.

Is there an alternative approach or a best practice for such a scenario?

Thank you!

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@EchoDex Hello

Unfortunately, until the latest version of the TS-SDK: 0.76.0, we do not support a direct way to execute a contract call without a funded wallet.

We are already aware of this problem and we are going to address this soon.


@EchoDex Stay tuned. This will soon be possible.


Got it, I’ll be waiting for news. Thank you!

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