Skipping functional in multicall

Does the multicall function include parameters that allow for skipping subsequent calls if the first call fails?

In our plan to implement a smart contract for logging predicate creation, we aim to incorporate logic where the predicate creation call, if failed, prevents the contract from generating logs.

Smart contract example:

use ::logging::log;

struct CreateOrderParams{...}
struct CancelOrderParams{...}
struct FulfillOrderParams{...}

abi ProxyContract {
    fn create_order();
    fn cancel_order();
    fn fulfill_order();

impl ProxyContract for Contract {
    fn create_order(params: CreateOrderParams){

    fn cancel_order(params: CancelOrderParams){

    fn fulfill_order(params: FulfillOrderParams){

I believe if one call fails, then the entire transaction should revert.

Thanks for reply! Will check with code :+1:

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