Slow Fuel Wallet contract simulation/execution

This is a broad topic, but it looks like ever since beta-4 or a later version of the fuel wallet, the time to simulate the transaction, etc is much much longer than previous versions.

Simple contract execution can take around 2+ minutes to simulate, provide the user with the confirmation screen, and then another large delay for actually executing the transaction.

I timed a simple operation on my webapp
Simulate - 50 seconds (pre-approve screen)
Approved - 70 seconds
Executed - 22 seconds

Leading to over 2 minutes of idle waiting.

I know this is a fuel wallet issue since all the operations are happening there and not on my webapp.

Hi there!

Thanks for sharing this performance report.
Iā€™m escalating this to the team, so we can identify the possible source of the delay.

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Hi there!
Please share reproduction instructions so we can review the issue.
Blockheight number and transaction hash are helpful as well.

Can you reach out to me on twitter to coordinate? Still in stealth mode

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Please hit me up on telegram so I can provide further support.

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DM Sent :smile:

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