Storage in FuelVM

How storage works in FuelVM? Is it stack-based like EVM? Is there any document to read about this?

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Maybe this can help Sway | Fuel Docs

the playground has a Solidity to Sway transpiler which can help to see how variables are defined.

In addition to the official documentation, when I start looking into Sway I found these 2 lessons helpful to get my head around Fuel and Sway

Introduction to Fuel and FuelVM | LearnWeb3

UTXOs, Access Lists, and Parallelization | LearnWeb3

hope this helps

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Thanks for reply but I am looking for how state is stored at low-level rather than how to use storage in sway.

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the low level fuel vm specification is available here : Fuel Specifications | Fuel Docs

Thanks, I have checked the docs before creating this topic. How state is stored is not specified there.

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Thanks @boray, such a document or blog on storage and opcodes will be great, walking through execution of a contract.

though there are some explanations in the docs.