TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'status')

Keep getting this error when simulate fn in my contract

This error doesn’t allow me to read message error why I couldn’t get value.

Fuels version is 0.55.0

const wallet = accountStore.walletToRead;
    if (wallet == null) return;
    const { market } = this.rootStore.settingsStore.currentVersionConfig;
    const marketContract = MarketAbi__factory.connect(market, wallet);

    const { addressInput } = this.rootStore.accountStore;
    if (addressInput == null) return;
    const { priceOracle } = this.rootStore.settingsStore.currentVersionConfig;
    const oracle = new Contract(
    const { value } = await marketContract.functions
      .callParams({ gasLimit: 10000 })
    this.setMaxBorrowBaseTokenAmount(new BN(value.toString()));

Function that I call

Hello there!

It’s seems to be similar to this previous issues

The issue is already under revision.

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oh true! sorry for duplicate

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