VS Code Sway Server not running after upgrading to beta-4

I’m in the process of upgrading to be compatible with beta-4 upgrades:

forc = “0.46.0”
fuel-core = “0.20.5”

the only issue is that the VS Code extension does not show any hints, inlays, static errors, or any of the useful stuff it used to give previously.

I suspect the sway server is not running currently, but it’s not clear how to manually start it back up.

I do get hints when trying to build the contract, but the VS Code extension allowed for much quicker development.

I should have followed these instructions, no issue so far


Hi there!
sorry, I got quite confused
is the vs code extension working for you after going through the migration guide?

Yes, it’s working just leaving here incase someone else runs into the issue


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