What are the criteria for fuel account addresses format?

There are two representations of an address on fuel: b256 (0xd160a3149fe21359cfecc71ded3bd82f7e3ddc4e66c5ffbc162bb7fe7fec0676) and bech32 (fuel169s2x9ylugf4nnlvcuw76w7c9alrmhzwvmzll0qk9wmlullvqemq84n20a). What are the criteria for each of the representations?

  • should bech32 always consist of 63 chars or it can be longer/shorter? Are there any prohibited symbols?
  • should the b256 representation always consist of 64 hex decimals (I suppose, yes, given the name)
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We currently support both in much of our tooling, but we have recently made an archiectural decision to move away from Bech32 as it has become a nuisance too tool with little benefit at this stage.

Fuel will begin to preference hex addresses in the short-term, with longer term plans to favor name resolution systems.


We’ll preference hex addresses in that case as well

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