Will the TypeScript SDK be compatible with Nextjs 14?

I’m building a dAPP and the current SDK is still using pages router. Why isn’t the SDK using app router format? Is there a document somewhere that supports app format?

Do you recommend changing the Fuel Setup dApp structure to the app router format?

Decided to run npx create-next-app@latest and create dApp using NextJS 14 app router format. No point using the old Page Router. Hope that FuelSDK would use the app Router.

Thanks for bringing this up. This is definitely something that we will need to consider for our cli. Will convey it to the team, and will keep you posted.

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You will need to use the latest version of create fuels for the latest changes.

We’re currently on next@14.2.2 as of v0.89.2 .

I will create an issue to look at the migration of the PageRouter → AppRouter.


I hope so :slightly_smiling_face: man. We need it

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Can the docs also be updated in both ReactJS and NextJS v14? The wallet.fuel.network uses ReactJS, but the example provided in Typescript SDK uses NextJS v12.

Next.js is a React framework that gives you building blocks to create web applications.

All examples provided by Creating a Fuel dApp can be used in ReactJS. The create fuels allows for onboarding onto Fuels quickly and gives new developer a playground to develop their ideas.

We will address any misalignments in the documentation between Next.js v12 → v14 in the following issue.