Bakosafe connector

The bakosafe project recently created an integration for the fuel connector, where the user, when authenticating using this connector, is able to choose a multisig to carry out transfers.

The connector was initially designed to serve wallets, which results in problems that have not yet been resolved by the bakosafe team:

When the dapp initiates a transaction, this transaction is created in bakosafe but is not yet sent to the chain as it needs to wait for signatures from multsig participants.

This causes a UX problem for the dapp, because in cases where the transaction has signatures rejected, it never goes to the chain, and for the dapp the transaction remains in processing status forever or until the page is reloaded.

There is a chance that the dapp configures the call so that it is not necessary to wait for the result, which solves the problem, but in parts… if the user configures their dapp to use more than one of the connectors, they will never be able to wait for the tx results which will be made by connectors other than bako and the same goes for the case of never receiving feedback on transactions that were successfully processed by bako.

Ps: we must consider here all types of possible transactions such as contract calls, simple transactions and transactions for deploying smart contracts.

Some useful links to better understand the problem:
fuel connectors

Hello @guimroque. I am sorry about this limitation that you are facing.

And also thanks for giving us a good description of the problem that you are facing.

We will investigate this and solve this problem and unblock you.


Update! The team is working on it. ETA is this week EOW or next week in the worst scenario
this is the issue for tracking make connector example dapp don't wait for the transaction · Issue #120 · FuelLabs/fuel-connectors · GitHub

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@guimroque it’s fixed, now the will execute the transaction async instead of being stuck waiting for the transaction to complete.

Can you confirm it’s working?

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Thanks @LuizAsFight.fuel for the fix and updating here :slight_smile: