Ban on Fuel Discord Server

Today in the morning I got banned by one of your community leads.

I was spot on, I didn’t use an inappropriate language, I have expressed my frustration because I was not given a solid answer. I believe if you go through the logs, you will be reassured that I haven’t crossed the line.

It is unfortunate that I am getting banned when my intention was to provide value to this project by operating a node. My question in Discord was pending for a long period of time and my reaction was sharp once a community lead provided an answer since I have been debugging for the past couple of days. It must have been a misunderstanding and I feel that I should have expressed my thoughts differently. I was wrong.

I hope we can find an agreement that I will be less reactive and I could get unbanned. Apologies.

My Discord handle: 696d70

Gm sir,

I will revoke you banishment this time, but please next time choose different words to express your concerns. Blaming us will not get you better results. The community is very important to us and we do our best to answer everyone, but you can imagine that when we have hundreds of thousands of people messaging all day on Discord, some messages can be missed.

Also, for all technical inquiries, as mentioned on Discord, please use the forum as you’ll get answers directly from the technical teams in fairly quick time, and you may find the answers you’re looking for already addressed by somebody else in the community.

Have a nice day :saluting_face:

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Thank you, Rubyto.

It was indeed not productive and I apologize for my irresponsible behavior. My bad!

Appreciate you unbanning me.

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Better good manners than good looks :call_me_hand: