Discord Server Ban Appeal

Please I would like appeal the ban of my account from the Fuel Discord server. My account was hacked and links were sent randomly to the server before I could do anything about it.

Please kindly pardon me and lift the ban so I can rejoin the server.

Thank you so much

Discord ID: oraclex

Hi ser, your banishment has been revoked this time, but we’re not responsible for your account being hacked, and will not let it pass next time.
Please take security measures to prevent this to happen again.
Thanks :blush:

Thanks sir. I will be more careful.

Hi Rubyto

My account was banned from the server after completing my verification on guild and the wasn’t known to me.

Username: Bayconxtruct#8255

Please check it out for me. Thanks.

Evidence of my roles completion.

Hey ser,

Your banishment has been revoked this time. Make sure to read the community guidelines to stay on topic. Thanks for being a part of the Fuel community.

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Thank you Rubyto. It’s now effective.


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