Beta-5 Testnet Node not working correctly

Hi, i’ve recently setup Beta-5 Testnet node following the guide on your website. After setting it up, when i query the height from playground, it shows my height is 0.

I’m using VPS and port 4000 is not firewalled. Also when i add my url in Fuel wallet, it says ‘invalid network’. What can be the issue?

Fuelup show output

Default host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
fuelup home: /root/.fuelup

installed toolchains

latest-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)

active toolchain

latest-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)
forc : 0.49.1
- forc-client
- forc-deploy : 0.49.1
- forc-run : 0.49.1
- forc-crypto : 0.49.1
- forc-doc : 0.49.1
- forc-explore : 0.28.1
- forc-fmt : 0.49.1
- forc-lsp : 0.49.1
- forc-tx : 0.49.1
- forc-wallet : 0.4.2
fuel-core : 0.22.0
fuel-core-keygen : 0.22.0

fuels versions

forc : 0.54.0
forc-wallet : 0.54.0


Hey @JonathanJoe, it seems like there might be a version mismatch issue, as the older version of the wallet may not be compatible with Beta-5. Could you please let us know which version of the wallet you’re currently using? You should be able to find this information at the bottom of the hamburger menu, as shown here.

The correct version should be above v0.15.1