Bridge error more than 0.5 sepoila

I have been unable to confirm the withdrawal from fuel to eth sepoila when it is more than 0.6.
also i could deposit 20 ETH sepoilas; however fuel native bridge have not been let me withdraw them forever.

please fix these bridge issues.
the withdrawal amount should be limitless
the withdrawal for them have been blocked by this following error.

I have more than enough amount of eth sepoila on my wallet but nothing has worked so far

Hey @sukesuke-code,

It could very well be that when you tried to withdraw, there wasn’t a sufficient amount of ETH in the Ethereum bridging contract at the time of your withdrawal. Take a look at the forum post below for more information:

No, there were like over 30 ETH sepoilas on my wallet for the gas to bridge and still got the error. And it’s been happening again and again whenever i try to bridge over 0.5 ETH sepoilas.