Bug report: following the quickstart does not clone the right project

Tried following the quickstart guide here: Contract Quickstart | Fuel Docs

after running forc template --template-name counter counter-contract a counter-contract directory is created, but it does not contain what the guide shows, instead the standard library is cloned: sway/sway-lib-std/src at master · FuelLabs/sway · GitHub

Hey @Minh, can you please try the solution from here and see if it works for you?

Hey, I already found the correct directory in the official sway repository by using ctrl+f. just wanted to flag it, in case anyone wants to fix it. Having to clone a separate repository certainly works as an intermediate solution, but long-term the guide should just work out of the box imo

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Thanks @Minh, appreciate your report. Will convey it to the team. :slight_smile:

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