Can't deploy contract on my vps

hey guys…i tried to deploy a contract on my vps buy getting
this error over and over, what is wrong here?!

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Hi @stoic1367 ,

Can you provide the results of fuelup show so we can help you.

This looks like a Lock file issue with the founder contract.

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here you are Nick

can you show us the code you are using to deploy the contract ?

this is the github link

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Hi @stoic1367 thanks for the link. It doens’t seem to contain a sway project for me to test with though. Would you be able to add that.

thanks Josh, would you give me the guideline, i’m not a professional coder.

Hi @stoic1367 ,

We have limited resources on our side to help you through more basic areas of setting up a project. But to help out here, the Sway project contains all the contract code, I believe in what you sent us was whatever is in fuel-project.

It’s not clear by looking at what you posted what the error is, can you please paste that here in full (i.e. the entire error / CLI messages) so we can evaluate it.

In future, consider taking some coding courses to get you more familiar with coding / examples. I know of many I can recommend if you are interested.

thanks Nick, i’m a beginner and learning everyday, i think there’s something wrong with my vps provider, maybe there’s a limitation because many use this guideline and had no problem. i’ll give it another chance on another server and see how it works.

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Thanks @stoic1367 ,

Please keep us posted on your journey.