Cant run my node even I already did the rm -rf .fuel-sepolia-testnet

I tried to rm -rf chain-configuration too and I already did clone the repository…

This is likely due to the fact that another process is open.

Try finding any potential running processes (old node processes) and killing them along with resetting the files/directories with rm -rf

is there any command I can use to help me with my problem? I did all the instructions on the server and still cant re run this node…

Can you provide the results of fuelup show @Seansky so we can better diagnose the problem.

What commands are you using to run the node, can you include those here.

Also can you show the results of running: top for a second, I’d like to see what processes are running (please give it a second to load up before screen shoting it).

the command I use is the one in the docs Running a local node " fuel-core run ". How to show the results of running?

Do you use any other parameters for fuel-core run?

You will need to specify more things in order to run the node successfully.

I fill up the whole code, I just didnt send it all since it has the private key and other important information.

Hi @Seansky ,

This is likely due to a low ulimit file limit on your system, I’d recommend trying to increase that first, then tell us how it goes.

Expanding ulimit:

We are adding this to our node running checks, so that in the future, the user will be warned about this in the future.

What a great solution!! Thanks I use this code just in case something will need this in the future “ulimit -S -n 4096” and then re run the fuel-core run\

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