Running a node for fuel

Hi, is it possible to run a local node? if so, how is there documentation for running it.

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You’ll first have to install fuelup.
After you install it, you can run fuel-core run to start a node. Type in fuel-core run --help for more info on that command. For more info on fuel-core itself, you can check out its repo.


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Hey @Chrocos, I wanted to suggest checking out the guides for running a local node here as well :slight_smile:


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in the start command in the documentation how do I pass the
{P2P_SECRET} --keypair flag?

I keep getting an error

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Use the command to generate a P2P Key

fuel-core-keygen new --key-type peering

Take the value in secret and apply it to the flag as so

--keypair 361b3275a3dd4150ea4c786b8dff7822205331e56ac2e73c32b17cb295978c8c

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thanks that is what I did. Still getting an error though. Will try and figure out what’s going on

→ fixed it :pray:

now getting these errors in the logs

any idea?

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Btw, i just ran the beta 4 node, is the node incentivised ?

fixed that as well - syncing now

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Running the beta-4 is non incentivized

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