Encountering issue with requests suddenly failing

Hey everyone,

I’ve run into an issue where, at some point, my requests suddenly stop being sent and result in a failure, accompanied by an error message. Unfortunately, the error details don’t give me much to go on.

I’m wondering if I might be hitting some sort of limit or if there’s something else at play that I’m not aware of. The responses in the network tab and the error message itself aren’t very revealing. Has anyone else encountered something similar? Could there be limits I’m unaware of that might cause this issue?


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Hmm, it’s hard to say by only looking at it.

Are you behind a VPN, by any chance?

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No, this happens consistently upon loading the application. Then, it seems to stabilize after a while.

I thought it might be some sort of rate limit on the number of requests per second, but I’m not entirely sure.

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It doesn’t look like a rate-limit issue but a client-side problem.

Or a Google Chrome issue — I’m assuming you are using Chrome.

Could you try using different browsers to see if t he issue goes away?

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Let’s track this over Github: