Fuel Beta-2 by Fuel Labs

Fuel Labs has announced the launch of the Fuel Beta-2 test network, for this we need to test the Fuel Wallet

:green_circle: What we do:
:small_orange_diamond:Go to the website and click “Download Wallet”
:small_orange_diamond:Unpack the archive.
:small_orange_diamond:Go to “Manage extensions” in your browser and turn on developer mode in the top right corner
:small_orange_diamond:Select to download the unzipped extension and install the wallet saving the code
:small_orange_diamond:Go to website and request test tokens
:small_orange_diamond:Go to the link, connect the wallet, click “Get accounts”, then “Sign message”, then “Transfer”
If you encounter any bugs or errors, we recommend you to leave feedback about it in discord.

Fuel Labs, in turn, published a list of projects that are already in development and will work in the Fuel network, the list can be found here.


Fine!!! I run test!!! Thanks a lot!!!

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cool, thanks for information!

still looking forward to