Fuel wallet testnet (not incentivized!)

Trying to be helpful and writing this guide to test the Fuel wallet.
It’s not incentivized!

  • Go to the website Install | Fuel Wallet and install, the wallet will be an archive (Go to permissions (Google Chrome) and in ownership, switch to Developer Mode, Move the archive with the wallet to the page with extensions)
  • Now, according to the classics, we create a new wallet
  • Take your test-tokens (ETH) from the faucet - https://faucet-beta-2.fuel.network/
  • Go here How to Use | Fuel Wallet and do everything in order: Connect, Get Accounts, after which your wallet should connect
  • Next, we display the message and the amount of ETH that will be sent, we approve the density
  • Leave a review in Discord Fuel, in the #Wallet-feedback thread BUT DON’T LEAVE YOUR WALLET here! It’s important!

That’s all.


In my personal experience - Everything works well, very interesting and easy UX/UI and I wish you good luck FUEL Team!


@Lunin Do you know when the wallet will appear in google chrome as an application?


What do you mean? The wallet is already in google chrome as an app :grinning:

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There is a video guide how to add wallet extension watch here


Wow, great! Thank you very much