Fuel wallet disappearing from chrome regularly

Every week Fuel wallet is disappearing from my browser. I am using chrome. I have to install wallet again and restore it with seeds. Could you advise why is this happening and what can I do to prevent it in future?

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Hi! Are you by any chance moving or deleting the downloaded zip file for the wallet extension? That could be a reason why your extension stops working.

No. File is in download folder all the time

Does this happen only to the Fuel Wallet? Do you have other extensions working normally?

I’m having this issue regularly as well. Only the Fuel wallet extension disappears after shutting down my pc. I’m not moving or deleting the downloaded zip file and I am using Chrome

Yup. Sometime it is disapearing. It happens to me too :expressionless:

I have the same :neutral_face:
what to do?

This is an issue related to the installation being done using a zip file, once it’s released to Chrome Web Store, it will be solved.


also have same problem

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