Timeline for Browser Wallet extension

When will the Browser Wallet extension be available? Any timeline for it?


it seems available…2022-12-13


its already done
but download from github

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<Browser wallet is currently available: Install | Fuel Wallet
< New wallet built on Fuel: https://twitter.com/FueletWallet

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When can I download from Google App Store

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You can already use…

Fuel wallet is not the final version yet, it is still in development mode. Keep an eye out for an announcement when it’s complete. :zap:

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He has been working properly, a partner upstairs has shared the download link, there are still many features that will be added to the extended wallet, please look forward to.


is this 2 different wallets for fuel ? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


looks like its only 1 official. from github one :upside_down_face:

Yes, you can follow them.

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why cant we see our seeds or priv keys from wallet on SwaySwap and is it different from extension wallet?

Yes, they are different wallets. The Fuel wallet is released by the Fuel team, and the Fuelet wallet is released by a third-party team.

Yes, Swayswap is using a burner wallet which is temporary just for you to try it out. This wallet cannot be exported or disconnected.

It’s on the roadmap to have the basic Fuel wallet available on various app stores with a tentative target of early next year, namely Q1.

Also keep an eye on Fuelet, an awesome third-party wallet building steam in the Fuel community.

Regardless, stay tuned.

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