Guild doesnt push role

I cannot seem to push my Fuel Pilled role to discord. Everytime when i click the refresh button on the guild page it doesnt push this role. The guild shows that i am eligible but doesnt push it. What i alrready did:

  • I have tried for more than 2 weeks now, doesnt work
  • i disconnected my discord multiple times, doesnt work
  • i disconnected all my social accounts doesnt work

Can you assign the role manually? I can provide prove.

Hey there, what is your discord handle? And can you share a screenshot of what you see on Guild?

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i attached two screenshot. One of my discord profile now on fuel, and one of what i see in guild. If you need more just let me know!


and a screenshot of what i see in the guild:

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Hi there!
Thanks for sharing this issue.
We’ll take a closer look with the community team

Looks like only one role was missing here, you have it now :white_check_mark:

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Thanks appreciate your fast help!


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