How to determine who paid for transaciton fees

In Fuel several addresses might sign the transaction. How to determine which one of them has paid for the gas in a common case? We can assume that all addresses might provide some base asset inputs and all of them are sank into one output


Hey @mpoplavkov, let me check with the team on this and get back to you

The short answer is “no”.

All the different addresses will provide some base asset coins to the transaction, but those will be pooled to a single amount that’s later deducted from when paying the fees and sinking into outputs

You can think of the transaction like an org, once they (individuals) signed it, they committed their resources to the org, so every expense is paid by the org, not an individual.

Yeah, but still. Imagine there are two accounts with only one UTXO worth of 2 ETH on each of them. And imagine a tx in which they want to send 1 ETH each to another address. If there were no gas, they would’ve both received 1 ETH back. But if there are gas costs, someone should pay for the fees and receive less than 1 ETH back.

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